Our Journey

They say small businesses often begin in the garage. Believe it or not, that's precisely where Voodoo started, with our Signature Spice. Picture us mixing all the spices in a large bowl, wearing goggles, a mask, and even stuffing cotton up our noses to prevent the potent Habanero powder from irritating our sinuses. Our journey began with printing our very first label on a humble home printer. Before we knew it, those initial bottles vanished, prompting us to make more, only to run out again. As we expanded our collection, we outgrew the garage and sought the assistance of a copacker to meet the growing demand. From mild to fiery, we endeavor to cater to everyone's taste buds in some form. We sincerely hope that you cherish our products as much as we do and share them with your loved ones.

After all, why keep a wonderful thing a secret?

  • Alan T.

    "Tried some of the garlic/pepper spice on things as ordinary as clam chowder and mac & cheese. Whoa... the spice really amped up both dishes and without using very much of it either. Get some and season to taste.

  • Kristi W.

    "I use a lot of spices but not a lot of sauces. Prefer dry rubs to sauce. Friend recommended Voodoo spices and sauce. So I purchased a box of Voodoo spices and sauce. I thought it would be good. I was wrong. it is tastefully GREAT. I use on everything meat and fish and eggs. Haven’t had a nope not on this moment yet and my other spices are getting kind of lonely. Love the sauce."

  • Meg G.

    Delicious rubs and spices! whether you are a beginner or master in the BBQ world, your food will be taken up a notch with this stuff! worth it!!!!

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