our story

Where it began

Like a lot of people, I had a dream, a vision and a burning desire to make people happy, and when I can make people happy through my food, that's when I am the happiest!  So, over the years I have perfected my art of cooking learning what people like, learning what makes them happy and listended to them as I put my heart and soul in every thng I make.  

So where did it all begin?  I would say in the kitchen with my Mother, watching her make dinner, helping her and her teaching me the basics.  As I got older, I ventured naturally into the restaurant business, from fast food to fine dining I learned the trade.  My next level of learning I owe to Chef Ken Davis.  He was the exectutive chef I worked under at a very high end restaurant, this is where I learned about spices and what they do to food.  My first day I was instructed to taste and smell every spice on the shelf, and when I did I needed to know what all was in that can, this taught me what spices would and would not go with each other and it also taught me to understand the different flavor impact each spice would have.  With that background, I still to this day when I eat anywhere, I slowly try to learn the flavor profile the chef has created and determine what spices were used and to think about the thought process that went into that dish.  

My thought process

It's all about flavor and the WOW factor.  My wife and I eat out a lot, not because they do it better than us, but because I want to see what's new, and we may find something we like, but maybe I can make it better by adding something else, and that's when the magic happens. I will come home and destroy our kitchen with pots and pans all over the place, tossing things together to see what they taste like.  that's what I call having fun with what you love to do.   

My Sauces